Finest Straight Razor Manufacturers

Understanding to differentiate the top straight razor makes is likely to make each of the  difference towards your obtain. Sadly, some blades to choose from are certainly junk and infrequently newcomers attracted to your minimal costs make the mistake of buying them. With razors, nothing at all matters more than quality, so it actually does shell out to complete some research.

This article is going to give you a rundown on many of the extra nicely recognized manufacturers, and advise you which kinds are worthy of shopping for and which ones should be prevented.


The leaders in straight razor producing. The quantity of blades their factory churns out every year is extraordinary for this sort of an artisan craft, and it continue to manages to keep up a superbly top quality. Like all good models, Dovo metal is solid in Solingen, Germany. Dovo blades are perfect for the two newbies and professionals, which has a massive array on offer.

Dubl Duck

A very sought-after blade which is regrettably now not produced. They were one of the very best top quality blades within their day, also manufactured in Solingen. Thankfully their issue was so superior that many superior good quality razors nonetheless exist and pop up on eBay and somewhere else pretty commonly. You can even find some brand-new types if you glimpse carefully.

Giesen and Forsthoff

Another Solingen centered business. G and H were being made during the fantastic twenties depression in Germany, however they flourished due to their good quality and fair charges. These are near to Dovo and Dubl Ducks in high-quality, but considerably more reasonably priced.


Fromm is actually a good 1st blade plus a more cost-effective substitute. Someone seeking with the fine quality blades plus a top-quality shaving encounter should really set their sights larger than Fromm even though. Even now, they are really decent top quality and most men and women who rely on them hardly ever have any complains. An incredible day-to-day razor.

And now it is really time for your handful of razors you desire to stay away from.


The Kriegar blade is simply put, undesirable good quality. Never go in the vicinity of it. It can be one of those blades that appears decent as well as very low cost would make it all the more interesting, but the significantly less said about this the higher. You receive everything you spend for. Extremely little.

Gold Greenback

This just one is even even worse compared to Kriegar as it seems to be extremely promoted. You can find a lot of them out there on areas like Amazon, which adds for their intended reliability. I might under no circumstances touch a Gold Dollar while.